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We Belong


Celebrations of cultural diversity help us to recognize our differences and then to celebrate them! Diversity includes but is not limited to who we are as people in our race, ethnic origin and color, religion and creed, sexuality and gender identity, age and ability. The aspects of our humanity are too numerous to list as we grow and evolve as the human race. 


We reveal and share ourselves with each other through our values, language, experience, politics, philosophy and in so many other ways. Before we can celebrate our differences we must be curious enough to learn about one another. 

MEC works to create spaces and opportunities for us to celebrate the diversity of our neighbors and friends in Monroe.  As we build our lives together we hope to become more connected through understanding. 

Join us as we learn about each other, our commonalities, our differences, and celebration. Belonging is a day of inclusion and honoring the rich cultural diversity in our community. 

Donate and Sponsor





Be a vendor!


Booth fees are sponsored by MEC for any vendor representing a traditionally marginalized community. 

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