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A large concrete planter with a City of Monroe design on the side. Flowers are growing from it.

Equity in the City of Monroe

Creating an equitable and inclusive community is greatly affected by decisions that are made by elected officials and staff at City Hall which includes the Monroe Police Department.  Planning for social equity means recognizing practices and policies that have had a disparate impact on certain communities and actively working with affected residents to create better communities for all. The Monroe Equity Community works with City partners and leaders to ensure Monroe has equitable municipal policies and laws.  

Downtown Monroe. The street is lined in American flags.


Mayor | Geoffrey Thomas


Phone: (360) 794-7400

City Council

Find members, term information, and contact links


City Admin | Deborah Knight


Phone: (360) 863-4500

Chief of Police | Jeff Jolley


Phone: 360-794-6300
TTY: 360-863-4627
Tip Line: 360-863-4600
Fax: 360-794-3129

To find out more about Monroe city government please visit the Monroe, WA website:

The Chief of Police speaks to a citizen wearing a camouflage vest and all black.
Mayor, Geoffrey Thomas, speaks at Monroe's Juneteenth celebration.
The chief of police, Jeff Jolley stands smiling with another on-duty officer at Monroe's pride. Both have a rainbow sticker on them.
An on-duty uniformed police officer is loving on a leashed bully breed dog.
Two uniformed police officers stand, smiling, by a rainbow sign that reads "thank you volunteers!"
Mayor, Geoffrey Thomas, stands smiling under the rainbow balloon arch at Monroe's Pride.
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