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A diverse group of people have put one hand in, to signal alignment and teamwork towards a common goal.
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Inclusive Community Agreements

We join together as a diverse group of individuals with a joint commitment to building an equitable community. We recognize that to be equitable we must start with a foundation that is inclusive. To ensure all voices are heard and that we learn and grow, we agree that we will engage in good faith to honor ourselves and each other.

Vision: The Monroe Equity Community envisions a diverse and inclusive Monroe where everyone is honored, safe, and represented. 

Mission: The Monroe Equity Community is a collaborative commitment to create space for everyone to be represented, seen, and heard without harm, all cultures to be honored, and all people to access opportunities according to their needs. We approach our mission together, working as agents of change, addressing systemic inequity, racism, and biases that exist in our schools, city, and community. We will be intentional to incorporate a variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to improve decision-making and leverage the positive impacts of Monroe's diversity.

Community Agreements: We agree to practice inclusive behaviors as we learn, grow, and celebrate together. We ask questions, we listen, we seek feedback, we examine our assumptions and biases, when we have a strong reaction, we pause and ask ourselves why, we take responsibility and repair harm
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